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Welcome to Nature's Oasis... Locally Owned Since 1993

Since 1993

Offering the Largest and Highest-Quality Selection of
Natural and Organic Products in the Four Corners Region

River Liquors
Serious Delights Bakery
Sunnyside Farms Market


More May Store Specials
Hubert’s 16oz Lemonade | $1.35, reg. $2.39
C2O Coconut Water | $1.79, reg. $2.49
Komplete Meal Replactment Beverage | $2.99, reg. $3.99
Hatch Enchilada Sauces | $3.25, reg. $4.25
Jeff’s Jarred Peppers | $2.15, reg. $2.85
Jeff's Jarred Olives | $4.29, reg. $5.95
Cabo Tortilla Chips | $2.89, reg. $3.75
Boulder Ice Cream Pints | $4.29, reg $5.79
Against the Grain GF Pita Bread | $4.75, $6.49
Applegate Farms GF Chicken Nuggets 8oz | $5.75, reg. $7.55
Applegate Farms GF Beef Corn Dogs 10oz | $6.59, reg. $8.65
Hip Chick 8oz Chicken Fingers | $6.75, reg. $8.99
Hip Chick 10oz Chicken Meatballs | $6.75, reg. $8.99
Hip Chick 8oz Breaded chicken Fingers | $8.95, reg. $11.99

Woodstock Farms
20oz Organic Ketchup | $2.65, reg. $4.39
24oz Organic  Pickles | $3.99, reg. $6.85
Organic BBQ Sauce | $3.49, reg. $5.85
Organic 16oz Mayo | $3.99, reg. $6.79
8oz Mustard | $2.19, reg. $3.69
Organic Relish | $3.99, reg. $6.85
Organic Sauerkraut | $3.19, reg. $5.35
8.8LB Charcoal | $7.99, reg. $12.75

MAY Giveaways - Enter to Win!
Adirondack Wooden Patio Chair courtesy of Woodstock Farms
Backpack style, Inflatable Kayak courtesy of Blue Sky Soda Pop

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Stay Well with Vitamin C
For years, vitamin C has been touted as a remedy for the common cold.

Sun Protection Comes in Many Forms
As folks start baring more skin at the beach, pool or barbecue this Memorial Day weekend, that means it's time to start covering up with sunscreen.
Don't Let Bad Food Spoil a Good Barbecue
Picnics and barbecues are a big part of Memorial Day weekend, but keeping foods safe to eat at these events can be a challenge.
Nature's Oasis Health Tips
Dry brushing
The skin is the body’s largest detoxifying organ. Give yourself a dry brush exfoliation with a loofah two to three times per week to help your skin breathe and detoxify more effectively. Dry brushing removes dead skin cells and improves blood circulation. The gentle pressure also has a calming effect.

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