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Welcome to Nature's Oasis... Locally Owned Since 1993

Since 1993

Offering the Largest and Highest-Quality Selection of
Natural and Organic Products in the Four Corners Region

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More June Store Specials
Dakota 1lb Grassfed Beef | sale $9.65, reg. $12.99
Giovanni Fresh Ravioli | sale $5.39, reg. $5.99
Big B’s 16oz Juices | sale $1.99, reg. $2.75
Epic Animal Fats | sale $6.85, reg. $9.49
Krave Beef Jerky | sale $5.99, reg. $7.49
Newman’s O’s Cookies | sale $4.39, reg. $5.25
Field Day Organic Cookies | sale $2.25, reg. $4.29
Taos Mtn Energy Bars | sale $2.25, reg. $2.99
Zevia 6pk sugar free soda | sale $3.99 | reg. $5.65
Lifeway Lowfat Kefir | sale $2.99, reg. $3.75
Vital Farms—Pastured 80z Butter | sale $3.99, reg. $4.75
Rumiano Sliced Cheese | sale $3.25, reg. $3.75

Featured Stories
5 Ways to Support Immunity
Don't let a summertime cold get the best of you. Here are five ways to nourish your immune system during the summer season and beyond.

Blood Pressure Problems During Pregnancy, Heart Trouble Later?
Pregnant women who have blood pressure in the high-normal range may have an increased risk for metabolic syndrome after they give birth, a new study indicates.
Walking: The Cheap, Easy Workout
Walking is a simple and inexpensive exercise that has been shown to offer numerous benefits for bones, muscles and joints.
Nature's Oasis Health Tips
A bedside friend
Put a plant next to your bed and let it work for you overnight. While you're sleeping, your plant takes toxins and carbon dioxide out of the air you're breathing and recycles it into pure oxygen. The closer the plant is to you, the better. Even in large, open rooms, a plant really improves the air you breathe.

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