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Antioxidant Catechins
True teas all stem from the same plant, Camellia  ...
When Treating Infertility, Vitamin D Levels May Be Key
Posted November 27, 2017 MONDAY, Nov. 20, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Women with low vitamin D levels may be less likely to have a baby after assisted reproductive technology (ART) than those with normal vitamin D  ...
Breast-Feeding Success Hinges on Support for Mom, Baby
Posted April 15, 2017 TUESDAY, April 11, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Information and support can help new mothers overcome breast-feeding difficulties, a lactation expert says. A pregnant woman should tell her  ...
Staying Trim, Strong May Cut Risk of Urinary Incontinence
(HealthDay News) -- Urinary incontinence is a widespread complaint among women, but a new study suggests that older women may find relief from this frustrating problem if they're slimmer and  ...
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